Verdant Robotics

AgTech AI & Robotics

Verdant is a Robotics AgTech firm - provided advisory services to the CEO, including organizational growth consulting, business, and product strategy.

“Ben Rewis has been instrumental in helping launch Verdant.  From negotiations with strategic partners to fundraising, long-term planning, and even executive coaching, Ben’s input and guidance has been deeply valuable.” — Gabe Sibley, CEO


Security Software

Provided advisory services, including business and product strategy, with focus on execution and delivery.

“Ben has remarkable clarity of thought around vision, strategy and planning of new product development.

His enthusiastic collaboration with our team helped us to discover what mattered most in our quest to build the best product platform for our customers. 

His constant focus on tangible outcomes  ensured that our most precocious resources are trained on the highest value objectives “ — Rob Schoening, CTO

Save The Waves Coalition

Surf Conservation

Provided business and advisory services to the executive director, as well as board support, organizational consulting, and pro bono public speaking.

“Ben is an amazing strategist, thinker and doer in an array of fields and I feel lucky to call him a friend and mentor. I had the pleasure of working with him in the development of the Save The Waves mobile app, which crowdsourced environmental data on coastlines by empowering and incentivizing surfers around the world. Ben’s enthusiasm, partnership and strategic thought helped move the beta products into a tool used by thousands. I couldn’t recommend a better collaborator on future endeavors.” — Nik Strong-Cvetich, Executive Director

Drop In Coalition

Empowering the Marginalized

Empowering and educating diverse groups of young people by combining STEM learning, surfing, music, and gardening as tools for self-reliance and confidence building. This non-profit was launched in memory of Tushar Atre.

“Ben's devotion to Tushar’s legacy is evident in his thought leadership, enthusiasm, responsiveness and positivity.  He quickly turned a tragedy into forward thinking plans and action.  He is a thinker and a doer: a rare combination. Ben immediately secured and maintains a key real estate asset essential to Drop In Coalition's mission.  He created our initial proof of concept with milestones and collaborated with educational experts. Ben is the reason why we are moving forward with focus, empowering and advocating for marginalized people in Tushar's name.” — The Atre Family


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