• benrewis

How big is the commercial AI opportunity?

Where do you see Artificial Intelligence (AI) making the biggest difference in the world today? Is it Healthcare, Automotive, Financial Services, Retail & Consumer, Tech, Communications, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Energy, Transport & Logistics? Where on earth do you see that happening? It seems North America and China, then Europe and developed Asia before developing countries are benefiting first.

Today I see Agriculture and Finance benefiting: consider how 1) transaction processing for financial payments, and 2) Computer Vision (CV) both use neural nets. They both use Deep Learning (DL) which is a subset of Machine Learning (ML) which is a subset of AI. I bet we see more AI related technologies as our world enables some 20 Trillion devices on the Internet of Things. Segments like Transport & Logistics already taking hold for processes like inventory control, supply chain optimization, and manufacturing process improvement while self driving vehicles become more common.

At home I enjoy email spam detection, image recognition and product recommendations eg. for Netflix shows. So AI is not quite the same as its portrayed in movies like RoboCop, StarWars, and the Matrix, but there is some truth in AI making computers act like human intelligence. Bottom line for me is that AI can transform the productivity and GDP potential of the global economy, and continued strategic investment in different types of AI technology is needed to make that happen. And it should, because AI may be our biggest commercial opportunity!


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