• benrewis

Organizational leadership in new digital businesses

Updated: Jan 19

There are common organizational themes across people, process, and tools in both small and large new digital businesses.

Strategy, Structure, and then People is the right sequence.

Be as small as possible to de risk tech as fast as possible, then spell out the org chart before hiring people. True in startups and big firms.

Role clarity is key to fast growth.

Clarify what you and your team would be Accountable for in advance using RACI chart. There can be many names with R but only one A. Org chart showing next hires, plus RACI chart for existing and new hires is a best practice.

Delivery benefits with focus.

Focus on ability to execute on time and budget, with clear commitment to scope and direction (avoiding bright object distraction).

When you have management challenges, remember great leaders give great feedback: think Intention, Impact, Outcome. What is your intention? Hard words have an impact, so what is your desired outcome? 

Don’t forget compliance.

Build modifiable frameworks that can evolve; it helps to document processes and systems that grow with the new digital business. 

These types of challenges are real in both Fortune 1,000 and startup firms because people are the same in firms big and small. I know how to frame these problems; I understand how teams, leadership, and large-scale digital technologies work. 

My tried and tested experience has proved invaluable for entrepreneurs and Fortune 1,000 firms because politics and technological implementations are essentially the same at firms of any size across these stages of digital services. 


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