Understand the Situation

Conduct interviews to understand product, category, and company strategy. We talk about what is needed for business success. I figure stuff out and develop straw dog documents for management discussion.

Service Model Workshop

Facilitate Service Model Workshop to develop our initial service model quickly. I partner with your team by helping you to define your target (or B) state. Together we define path from B to A including scope and approaches for consideration.

Customer / Platform Alignment

Together we define new service attributes for customers and partners, including point of view integration for your new digital service across your company.

Business Model / Strategy Rationalization

We figure out what we change or create for success of the new digital service. This includes investment or funding decisions, as well as what is required for go to market support.

Organization / Product Roadmap Alignment

This is execution to completion. We make decisions beyond MVP and release train, we look at org charts, product plans, and target strategy in partnership so there is a clear path to reality.


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